About us

Get fit, stay fit... without the gym!
It's easy - Play Squash!

T he club is a friendly private members club with 3 courts with balconies, and both male & female shower and changing facilities.

We have now 4 teams playing in the Welsh Leagues along with junior coaching facilities on most Saturday mornings.

The playing standard varies from South Wales Premier League for our 1st team to 3rd Division South Glamorgan league for our 4th team- therefore the whole spectrum of South Wales squash!

There are also a couple of nights a week when members can simply turn up and play other members who are there, and will then generally disappear off to the pub afterwards.

We also run a new members “club night” which is held on the 1st Monday of each month, when you can turn up and play other members. On these club nights, light are free, so simply turn up and play.

As a member you get keys to the club meaning that you can play 24/7 so you don’t have to ring up and wait to book a court like a Leisure Centre – if you can find one with squash courts these days!

The annual fees for a full playing member are £137 and £20 for juniors, which are due every year on the 1st October, so if you join mid- term then the fee will be on a pro- rata basis.

The only other fees are the lights, as required, which are paid by a meter and cost £1 for every 10 minutes, and there is no booking fee.

You would certainly find a free court should you turn up for a game during the day and at most times in the evening, but it’s best to pre- book a court to make sure and you can do this by putting your name on a court booking sheet which is placed on the notice board for the following 2 weeks in advance.

Hopefully you will be interested in joining, and if so please just print off the application form and let me have it back along with your cheque made payable to “Cowbridge Squash Club”. Alternatively you can pay online using the bank account shown, but still complete and send or email the form back to me confirming that you have paid online'

Should you have any queries whatsoever then please do not hesitate to contact us here.